Laborde Marine Fleet Growing | 27-Jan-2015

New Orleans, LA

Laborde Marine Management, LLC owners Peter and Cliffe Laborde are pleased to announce that it has begun operating a new-build DP-2 Crewboat and will shortly begin operating two 150’ Mini Supply Vessels in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

The Canyon Runner, built by Breaux’s Bay Craft, was delivered in February 2014 and immediately commenced a 3-year term charter. In addition, Laborde has added two 150’ Mini Supply Vessels which will be available for charter shortly.

The Canyon Runner is a state-of-the-art DP-2 Fast Supply Vessel (FSV) owned by Crewboats Inc. She is 185’ and ABS classed DP-2. With 25,000 gallons fuel capacity, 50,000 gallons of water capacity, and seating for 72 passengers, this vessel represents the latest technology. With a clear deck space of 116’ x 26.5’ and a cargo capacity of more than 248 LT, she provides a fast, cost-effective method of delivering deck cargo quickly.

In conjunction with her high capacities of fuel and water, the Canyon Runner is ideally suited to supporting deepwater drilling and production operations. While many of the offshore installations she is designed to service have traditionally utilized helicopters for crew changes, her high passenger capacity reflects the necessities that may arise during evacuation activities as well as those instances when run times allow crew changes or delivery of larger service personnel when needed.

In addition to the Canyon Runner, Laborde will shortly receive two 150’, DP-1 Mini Supply Vessels, the Patience Lab, and her sister the Persistence Lab. Both vessels are recent deliveries from Master Boat Builders. These vessels are DP-1 and exhibit excellent characteristics to support shelf drilling, production and construction/P&A operations but can also provide production support in deeper waters. Both vessels have more than 5,500 ft2 clear deck with a capacity of 267 that provides ample room for general deck cargo or mission specific equipment. Both vessels are fitted with small moonpools to facilitate more than simple drilling and production support. These vessels also have a total of 1,250 barrels of liquid mud capacity that can be used for cargo fuel. This increases their fuel capacity from 43,000 gallons to more than 95,000 gallons. These vessels can also deliver more than 70,000 gallons of water.

Both vessels are fitted with 20 berths. While some of this berthing capacity is required for crew members as many as 12 – 14 berths can be made available for client personnel (subject to specific crew requirements based upon the vessel’s activities).

While these vessels are not owned by Laborde Marine, all aspects of her operation ranging from providing outstanding, qualified crews, including SEMS compliance to supporting her mechanical and other systems, are provided by Laborde Marine. By managing the vessel in this way, Laborde Marine can ensure that the operational standards maintained by the company are met.

Laborde Marine was founded in 1995 and currently owns or operates 3 large DP-2 PSVs, 2 mid-size PSVs, 2, Mini Supply vessels, 3 DP-2 FSVs, 2 DP-1 equivalent FSVs, and 11 crewboats.

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