Laborde Marine operates a modern fleet of offshore support vessels capable of meeting a wide variety of needs for its clients.

Outfitted with the latest technology, Laborde Marine’s fleet includes 23 vessels ideally suited to support any offshore operation or environment. These vessels are International Safety Management compliant, utilize a specific, documented maintenance system, and are crewed by Laborde Marine’s highly qualified, trained and certificated mariners.

Laborde Marine’s thirteen crew boats range from 165’ to 205’ – station keeping ranging from DP-2 to DP-1 as well as  straight crew boats. Laborde Marine’s ten supply boats range from 150’ to 280’ and include Deepwater DP-2 PSVs , 210′ mid-water PSVs, and mini supply boats.

In addition to highly dependable vessels, Laborde Marine offers some of the most skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable crews in the industry. Our personnel are proven professionals who offer exceptional expertise in all aspects of offshore vessel operations – along with a total commitment to safety on every job.

If you would like information on vessels in our international fleet, please visit our international site.

We invite you to contact us today if you would like more information about any of our vessels.

DP-2 Fast Supply Vessels - 205 Class

DP-2 Fast Supply Vessels - 190 Class

DP-2 Fast Supply Vessels - 180 Class

DP-1 Fast Supply Vessels - 175 Class

Crew Boats - 175 Class

Crew Boats - 165 Class

Offshore Support Vessel - 280 Class

Offshore Support Vessel - 260 Class

Offshore Support Vessel - 240 Class

Offshore Support Vessel - 220 Class

Mini Supply Vessels

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