Jean Pierre Lab Q5000 Job News


The Jean Pierre Lab recently provided support to the Helix 5000 and Stim Star III working with BP on a

sand consolidation treatment and scale squeeze job. This replenishment of materials was essential to

the successful and timely completion of the work. The nature of the materials and the fact that the fluid

transfers would occur vessel-to-vessel in an offshore setting required detailed planning and execution all

compressed into a very tight timeline.

The crew of the Jean Pierre Lab provided input into the planning phase and executed the work flawlessly

ensuring BP’s plans progressed as required. The crew aboard the Q5000 provided the message below to

the vessel offering thanks for their work. The photo below shows the Jean Pierre Lab working on this


Congratulations to the crew of the Jean Pierre Lab and a sincere thanks from the team here at Laborde

Marine for a job well done!

Subject: Thanks

Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2019 09:58:28 +0000

From: Q-5000 WSL

To: Jean Pierre Lab

CC: Le, Hieu (C-Logistics)

Thank you all for a very successful execution of the fluid transfer from boat to boat. Glad we got you

away before we had any weather issues. Hopefully we will see you all again in the future.

I will attach a few photos and our news letter if you may be interested. You were great to work with.

Jack Easterling

WSL Q5000


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